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Days 234-235/365: Rainy Day at Home

I very nearly forgot to take any photos yesterday! I got home late and then got distracted with stuff on the internet and it totally slipped my mind. Luckily I remembered on time and took a few photos of this, that... and the husband. I would have been gutted if I'd missed a day. I don't get to be perfectionistic about much these days, but I couldn't have coped with that blip. I probably would have felt the need to start again at 1/365 - Ouch!

I had the day off work today. It was a rainy day and we didn't get up to much. This is how things looked at 7.30am, just before getting dressed for school. Can I say that I am not a morning person and this sort of crazy is a lot for me to handle. 

 It rained all day. I really wanted to capture the rain drops mid air, but they just weren't visible enough.

I almost managed it here... If you look really hard you can just about see four drop framed by the gate. 

I think that Bear might have suffered from a little cabin fever. 

I love being able to use the 24mm focal point on my camera. I couldn't get the whole sofa in the frame with my 50mm.

I had a chance to take a photo of the little Totoro that I crocheted a couple of years ago and my cutest little doll.