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Day 227/365: Pancake Tuesday

Day 2 of the half term break and we had planned a trip to the Science Museum with friends. I brought  along the camera with the 50mm but to be honest I just wasn't feeling the photo mojo today. It was a busy day with little time to think about getting the camera out. In the end my only photos of the trip were from the train journey there and back.

Too got some spy pens at the gift shop. You write secret messages that only show up when you shine a special light on them. Cool!

The second excitement of the day was that it is Pancake Tuesday. We love crepes and are happy to go along with any day that celebrates them. I really like Nigella's recipe and use it all the time. There is a lot of butter in the batter. 

The only fillings that we bother with here are sugar and lemon or Nutella. It's mostly Nutella though.