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Days 187-192/365: Lensbaby Week

The week started out just feeling grateful to be home from hospital and settling back into normal life. However,  the weekend adventures had drained me and I feel like I was playing catch up for the following days. I was left with a lot of late night/early morning photo time and quickly felt that drag of a creative lull. At times like that I often turn to macro photography or using my Lensbaby, which I love. I really should use it more.

Day 187 - He doesn't look it here, but he was very very happy to be home again.

Day 188 - I was trying to get an "emoji" shot for the 52 project, but I couldn't get anything I was happy with. In the end I submitted some old photos and reported them as that. These cushions are so much fun though. I need more props like this.

Day 189 - You can see I had slim pickings this night, so I just had to get the Lensbaby out. I am loving The Affair by the way. Such good TV!

Day 190 - With the Lensbaby still on the camera, I deduced to get the ph…

Day 186/365: No Card In Camera

Ok, I'm just going to come out and say it... I sort of missed a day. I have a really good excuse though.

Rexy hurt his leg at his sister's birthday party. He was doing OK at the party but he woke up unable to walk the next day. We had planned to go to Peppa Pig World but it became clear that we would have to go to A&E instead. Poor Rexy was screaming in pain and unable to weight bear at all. As it was early on a Sunday morning, we hoped that we would be in and out pretty quickly and maybe even make it to Peppa Pig World after all. It did not turn out that way!

We were seen reasonably quickly but an x-ray showed something "suspicious" that they couldn't make out. It looked like there was fluid in the joint. We were told that a CT scan would be needed to get a clearer look. We waited hours and hours to see an orthopaedic doctor only to be told that we should have been sent for the CT scan first. We were not happy! Rexy was very upset to hear that they wanted to…

Day 185/365: Bear's Birthday Party

Day 185 was the day of Bear's birthday party. She was so excited to invite some of her nursery friends along to the local soft play area to celebrate with her.

It was such a cute little party. Roo actually had his 4th party at the same place. OMG, just look at the difference in effort and money spent on the firstborn! It was a HUGE party. 

Let's see what Rexy got... Same place, but out on the main frame area. Still a HUGE party though. He had a baby sister by then so mummy was exhausted at that point. My phototography skills were super bad at that party!

Days 182-184/365: Capturing Golden Light

One of the things that I absolutely must get better at is noticing and using natural light as it presents itself.

Just before bedtime on day 182, I noticed that beautiful golden light was pouring into our living room. I quickly grabbed my camera before it passed and captured these shots.

There is no way to hide the fact that day 183 was a late night filler shot. We really are looking forward to the Pets at Home movie thought, especially as it has a dachshund in it. One of these days this blog will be filled with photos of our own dachshund. No time soon though!

Day 184 was a birds eye view of Rexy reading in bed. I am a big fan of birds eye views of my kids. I can't decide if I prefer the colour or black and white. 

Days 180-181/365: Bear's 4th Birthday

We have had a big birthday in the house this week. Bear has turned 4! This has been a long awaited birthday because it is the first one that she was old enough to be aware of. It will be clear by now that we love a celebration around here and we go pretty nuts with the bunting and balloons. We stepped it up a gear this time as I cottoned onto the fact that we could buy own own helium and inflate our own balloons. Whoop!

Day 180 was a prep night.

Day 181 was Bear's actual birthday. It was a Tuesday, so the boys were at school for most of it. We had a lovely quiet day and the balloons were a huge success. The was delighted to finally get a baby like her friend Charlotte and her first bike. She chose a chocolate strawberry cake with a Peppa Pig theme. The chocolate worked well as a big muddle puddle cake. 

Happy birthday to our Bear!