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Day 213/365: Your Life is Now

OK, so today was the day that I just had to just "take one quick photo and be done with it". I truly am done for today. It has been an exhausting and challenging evening with the kids and the weight of adult responsibility. I can't even find the motivation to edit my one picture. As I said, I am done.
This picture hangs in our bathroom. We put it there a couple of years ago to remind us to stop whinging and enjoy life more before it passes us by. I really do believe the message in this picture and most days I stand by them... but today is one of those days when I feel like fighting against it. Life with kids is super hard sometimes and it can be so tempting to wish yourself forwards in time to a place where it is "easier". Except that I don't think that life really does get any easier, just different.
So for now, I am going to feel happy with my one picture and go to bed.