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Day 220/365: Peter Rabbit and Sulking at Bedtime

The evening started off pretty badly with a disagreement about TV followed by some serious sulking from the boys. Seriously, just look at those faces! It is hard being the bad guy who stands in the way of all the dangerous and inappropriate stuff they want to do. I do look forward to the day when I can stand back and let them make all of their own decisions - good or bad.

I was hoping to get some photos using our newly painted bedroom wall as a backdrop, but they weren't really playing ball. I am still focusing on learning more about Lightroom. I am reading a book by Jeff Revell. He recommends using a lot of sharpening and the masking tool. I have tended to use a very light touch with sharpening but I have followed his advice tonight. I think I like it but I would be keen to see the images in print before doing it all of the time.

Bear was happily reading a Peter Rabbit book to herself and didn't even notice the drama and sulking around her. 

Thankfully everyone was able to let go of the sulky mood during bath time and I got some happier pictures that I am actually quite pleased with.
Rexy was back to his usual funny self... He was enjoying posing for the camera tonight. 

Roo spoke about Shaun the Sheep, which he saw with his dad this weekend. It's very funny I'm told. 

I finally manged to capture a very brief lovely moment between the boys before a row broke out and all descended into sulks again.

Ahh, the ups and downs of family life...