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Days 123-135/365: Two Week Catch Up

How on earth have I managed to let the blog get behind by two weeks? I was aware that things have been pretty busy around here, but two weeks!? I have just about managed to take a photo everyday and I am almost on top of the editing, but I can't say that I am overly delighted with what I have been taking. I feel very stuck in a rut and lacking any creative ideas. I am falling behind with the 52 project. I need to get my head back into it. I am just so short on time and my head is preoccupied with  a number of things that are causing stress right now.

Anyway, this is what we have been up to for the past two weeks.

Day 123

Day 124 

Day 125

Day 126
Day 127

Day 128

Day 129

Day 130 

Day 131

Day 132

Day 133

Day 122/365: Macro Crystal World

Roo loves to collect crystals and fossils. I quite fancied taking some macro shots today and I thought that his collection might make a good subject matter. Macro requires such a different set of skills. I fiddled about for a while but finally found that the best results came with a narrow aperture such as f/20 or so and placing my camera on a stable surface. I used Live Focus, zoomed in and focused manually. It is fun to really push the image in editing. I push clarity way up, way beyond the point that I would ever use on a human subject. I also had some fun playing with colours. It is liberating to not have to think about skin tone.

I did miss the human element though, so I got my little people out to play around with. It would have been so much more fun if these guys were well painted! I am either going to have to get some better ones or paint them myself. It is amazing how shallow depth of field is when using macro, even at those high apertures. 

Days 112-121/365: Centre Parcs

We really have been wrapped up in a bubble of family bliss since my last post. Ever so slowly we are inching towards our "sweet spot", where everything feels easier and generally more enjoyable. We are (almost) all at stages of our individual lives that fit together neatly, and feel balanced. Once adolescence comes to the house and then old age for my husband and I, things will become skewed again, but right now things are relatively free of stress or strain. 
We went to Centre Parcs with my husband's family last weekend. It was mostly to celebrate Granny L's birthday but there is also a lot of excitement about the imminent arrival of my sister in law's first baby. 
I am a big fan of Centre Parcs. I love being amongst trees and it is such an easy holiday with young children with the opportunity to engage in lots of new and exciting activities. 
Day 112 - We spent the night in a hotel near Granny L's house so that we could get to Centre Parcs as early as poss…