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Days 217-218/365: A Big Birthday Weekend

It was my husband's birthday yesterday (day 217). We had a pretty relaxed close to home sort of day. February is a difficult month to have a birthday when you have small kids. It is way too cold to do anything outdoors and someone is usually ill. So we accepted our limitations and had a nice lunch at a local restaurant and then had a movie night in with boys while Bear went to bed. It was a very nice day.

The day started with presents, of course. It is hard to tell who was more excited here.


 Our little Bear was so much in the party mood that she took herself off for a dance.

There was cake. Coconut and lime. 

Today (day 218) was another quiet day as the illness took some more victims. Have I mentioned that my husband likes dachshunds? There was a bit of a theme this year. 

 I even managed some doll time. A brilliant birthday weekend all round.