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Composition, Composition, Composition

This is a post that I have been thinking about for most of the time I was doing the 365. Whilst I was  conscious of my composition throughout the project, it just felt too intense to study it in too much detail. The pace of the 365 leaves little room for much except for grabbing shots as they present themselves. It was a wonderful way to learn how to use my camera, improving my focus and really getting to grips with the exposure triangle. However, I now feel the need to take a step back and think in much more detail about the elements that make a good picture. One of the key elements is, of course, composition. 
The main rules of composition can be found in this video tutorial.  I could watch this video over and over. It is so inspirational. I thought that it might be a useful exercise to look at each of the rules in this video one by one. I notice that I tend to be more aware of some more than others. It is very easy for me to find lots of examples of some of the rules but I have fe…