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Day 228-229/365: Junk Modelling and the Cat

So I was super lame last night (day 228) and literally took photos of junk. Junk modelling to be more precise. Both of the boys enjoy junk modelling and it is very much encouraged at school. I enjoy the creativity of it and love the idea of using up our recycling... However, I do not enjoy living with the junk models indefinitely. The boys rarely play with it beyond the day that it was constructed but feel very aggrieved when it *disappears* from the house. If they had their way we would keep every model forever. Now that I am a parent I can see that no matter how many paintings and drawings I proudly display and put into my forever keepsake box, they will always remember that Mummy threw away their junk models. So I thought that maybe I should celebrate them with photos.

This is what happens to packaging if it is left idle for more than 10 minutes in this house. You can see why I am so proud! I would love to keep them all boys... sadly we just don't have enough room in the house.

Rexy made this one at school. I think that it looks like an AT-AT from Star Wars. Most of the constructions have guns or weapons of some sort. 

Tonight (day 229) I returned to crazy antics at bedtime photos. I shot all of these with the Tamron. Again the shutter speed was crazy low and you can certainly see motion blur in most of these. Even still, I am pretty delighted with the sharpness of this lens. 

Roo and Jasmine have become much closer lately. It is just lovely to see how gentle he is with her. 

I wanted to take more photos of Rexy surrounded by white but the light is just dreadful in this spot. Instead of lots of slightly out of focus pictures I decided to embrace the low shutter speed and drive it down even lower. This of course left me with some ghost like blurry pictures, which I sort of enjoy.