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Day 231/365: A Perfect Saturday Morning

The boys usually have football training on a Saturday morning but it is half term and we had the joy of slowing down this morning. Everyone was relaxed and content for a change. At one point I noticed that I was happy. We seldom have time to sit and enjoy our space all together, but today when I had that chance I noticed that I felt 100% complete and happy. 

The day started with snow! It didn't snow for very long long and hasn't settled but it was good while it lasted. I love the way our neighbours' houses look in the snow. I had a little play with capturing the snow at different shutter speeds but it stopped before I could get a good feel for the different effects. 

Granny L sent a package with some treats for the kids. I think that this played a large part in the "content in our space" feeling. Happy kids make a happy home and all that. 

The boys are massively into Lego Ninjago at the moment and they had fun reading a magazine and constructing small Lego packs.  

Some of us were so relaxed that we put our t-shirts on inside out...

Some of use kept our bed head of most of the day. 

I am finding that getting skin tones right in this room is a real challenge, even with the expodisc. I have recently started raising the blinds all the way as I think that it was casting a tint. I find that I fiddle about for ages in editing and never feel content that I have got it right. 

Leading lines make me happy. Even messy ones.

I love ariel shots. This is what I can get from the top of the bunk bed at 24mm. 

This is one of Jasmine's favourite relaxing spots.

I even managed to squeeze in some doll time. Happy mums make happy homes... and all that.