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Day 223/365: "This is not a football pitch"

This blog has already shown how my hallway is frequently used as a skate and scooter park. That's one thing, but what I have somehow forgotten to mention that it is also used as a football pitch... daily! Rexy got this lightweight ball earlier in the year and he loves kicking it up and down the hallway. The sound of it will be forever embedded in my mind, along with the Peppa Pig theme tune. It keeps him very happy and it is so cold outside, so I am willing to tolerate a few minutes of it. Sadly it often gets out of hand and I find myself losing patience. I'm sure that the words "this is not a football pitch" will be embedded in the boys heads now ... along with the Peppa Pig theme tune.   

 The sharpening experiement continues. I will report back soon.
I have also caught wind of something VERY exciting happening tomorrow.