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Days 255-257/365: Our First Camping Experience

I have always loved the idea of going camping with the kids but Bear has seemed too young before now. Last summer we thought that this might be the year that we would buy some camping gear and try it out. It wasn't looking good a few weeks back as the summer seemed to be whizzing by and chocka block with full weekends. But then we decided to just go for it. We quickly got some camping gear together and did a little bit of research. We decided that one night pretty close to home was a good starting point. We got of to a bad start as we had booked a place for last Friday and then a severe weather warning was issued. We initially threw the towel in but then felt very frustrated when the weather turned out to not be as bad as predicted. So we quickly booked another site on the Saturday night, packed the car to the max... and set of on our very first camping experience. It was brilliant. We all loved it!
Getting the tent up was a challenge because the windspeed was definitely up and th…

Days 249-254/365: Southbank Centre

We spent day 249 at the Southbank Centre in London. I love taking the kids up to London because it opens their minds to different ideas and ways of life. The Southbank Centre has been running a Festival of Love all summer and had a wonderful show called Air Play as part of it. On the day we went there were lots of additional free activities for the children. Granny L joined us, which made it all the better.

These bright orange chairs where dotted around the place and my kids loved them. They are supposed to make the sitter more conscious of the act of sitting.

They also loved this structure and after some brief debate it was agreed that it was a cloud factory. 

We spent quite some time at the make a butterfly craft table. 

There was even some basketball activity. 

Days 243-248/365: Summer Days

I cannot keep up with myself this summer. My days with the kids are so busy and work is overwhelming at best. There is also a lot of completion for computer time these days and am finding it hard to get my editing done. I am not as up to date as I like to be. I have however continued to take a picture every day. So, lets go for a quick catch up.

Day 243 - We made pretzels. This was a repeat request from last year.

Day 244 - This one was a fun filler day. 

Day 245 - We made home made ice-cream. I ate most of it!

Day 246 - I got this lovely Wonder Woman doll when I was in Ireland. She was actually a birthday gift from one of my oldest friends. I have been looking forward to the release of these dolls for months. I also got Super Girl... more of that later. 

Day 247 - This was a Friday and my husband took the day off work so that we could do something nice and summery together. We met up with a friend at a cool indoor skate park and then went to check out Broadstairs beech. We have been …