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Day 236/365: Swimming Expedition

After our day of cabin fever yesterday, we were desperate to get out of the house. Since our holiday last summer, poor Bear is alway asking to go swimming but we never quite find the time to do it. I thought that today we would take a train trip to a neighbouring town to visit their swimming pool. To add to the excitement we took the train. 

I took this photo with my iPhone. How do people achieve good photos with their phones? Mine are always rubbish!

Bear already had a swimming costume from our holiday. She has always been envious of the boys' swimming goggles so today was the day that she got a pair of her own. Can you tell that she is rather pleased with them? I took the big camera with the 50mm today. It is pretty handy to carry around and whip out when the time feels right. 

Are we EVER going swimming mummy???

It was a beautiful spring-ish day today and we enjoyed the blue skies and pretty little flowers that have just made an appearance. 

We will do this again - maybe even next week. 

The trip wore little Bear out! (Her gloves don't match. She likes them that way!)