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Day 81/365: Hibernation

I am so done with this winter! We had yet another cooped up day as it was freezing outside and my photo mojo is taking a beating. I am feeling rather uninspired with my photography at the moment. I really do hope that a touch of spring will shake things up for me.

Day 81

Days 78-80: Ice Explorer

There have been a couple of late night, last minute, photo snaps this week. It's been a busy one and my mind has not been on photography.

Day 78

Day 79

Day 80 was a Saturday, which gave me a bit more time and light to take advantage of our new kitchen space. It is lovely to be able to use a big table again and Bear was delighted to engage in a bit of ice play. We freeze little toys in ice cubes and then chip away at the ice to free them. It is strangle satisfying. This activity is something that the boys enjoyed last year, but Bear was a bit too young for it. She loved it so much, we had to refreeze them and have a second round later in the day. Ice play is very cool. 

Days 73-77/365: Chelsea Football Club Stadium Tour

Some of our friends were visiting London last weekend and asked if we wanted to join them on the Chelsea football club stadium tour. Their kids are huge football fans and by coincidence they like the same team as my boys. I really don't like football at all but figured that I would go along anyway. Sadly Bear was ill that day so she and daddy stayed home for some quiet time. 
Day 73- Stadium Tour

I also had the chance to take photos of tiny people, which were part of the model for the new stadium.  I'm not quite sure why it is that I find this so much fun!

The next day was Sunday and we chilled out in our very almost finished new kitchen. We played a game of family Scrabble. I won, just in case anyone was wondering...
Day 74 - Scrabble

Day 75 - Bear has discovered the joys of bubbling up her milk. I took these photos late in the evening and the light was terrible. Thus the heaving editing with presets. 

Day 72/365: Still Riding the Wave of St. Valentine

We are having a very slow and lazy day here to celebrate the last day of half term. The boys are busy with the xBox and Bear is catching up on her TV shows. This gives me the perfect opportunity to quickly get my photos of the day sorted. There is still a bit of a love theme going on round here.

Day 72

I also managed a quick doll photo. 

Days 66-71/365: Our Lovely Week

I can't figure out if I am busier this year or just not creating enough time every day to upload to this blog. Life does feel very busy right now but surely it's not that different to last year? All I can say is that most days end without there being a chance of sitting down to update the blog. I have been desperate to take some online photography courses but this week I have come to the decision that I just wouldn't be able to commit to them at the moment. Even that 20 day challenge I took last month wiped me out! At least I am still getting on with the 365. That feels manageable - just about...
It was Valentine's Day last weekend and the kids have been off school all week. Normally that would be an excuse for us to get all crafty with lots of Valentine decorations. However, we have been knocked off course by the lack of a fully functioning kitchen and the presence of builders every day. 
We didn't do too badly though. 
Day 66 - To be honest I made these cupcakes…