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Day 226/365: Climbing (the walls)

Today was the first day of half term. I thought that it might be okay to wing it and hadn't planned anything in particular. All I can say is that we are not there yet! I look forward to the day when everyone can occupy themselves peacefully and quietly, but that day was not today. 

The day started off alright with lots of TV and general laziness. By 10.30am the kids were bored and getting into mischief. They were quite literally climbing the walls ... or all over the furniture at least. Reluctantly I got everyone dressed and we headed off to the nearest playground. I was not really in the mood to be out in the cold but in the end the fresh air was wonderful, the kids had a nice time and I got to take some outdoor pictures. I almost didn't bother taking the camera. I was feeling too lazy to carry it and there was a very high chance of bumping into families that we knew at this playground. Finally I decided that it would be no big deal to throw the camera with the 50mm into the bag. See it does have it's uses!

We started off in the playground itself. Everyone had a go on the equipment and the boys kicked a ball around. 

It was all a bit of an effort until the kids started climbing trees. Then we saw some real smiles and everyone started having a good time. Clearly these kids needed to climb today...

More half term fun tomorrow, except this time we have a plan.