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Day 219/365: "Plug"

I only have one photo for today, because it is Manic Monday.

Here we have Bear wearing one of her favourite t-shirts at the moment. She calls the dog a "plug", which makes everyone giggle.  She says a lot of funny things these days.

I have been doing some reading up on Lightroom and watching the odd tutorial here and there. I feel like I am learning a bit more but I gather that it is mostly a case of playing around with the sliders until you fnid something that you like. At Christmas I learned that the photos that I thought looked good on screen looked awful in print. Mostly I think that the contrast was too high, so I going easier on that these days. I have just ordered more prints and will see if they look any better this time around. I think that it is time to get some of my 365 photos on the wall!
I have been toying with the idea of buying some presets for Lightroom. Partly because I like the way they look, but also because I am very interested to see how different looks are achieved in Lightroom.