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Day 212/365: All Gone in a Crazy Blur

As the months turn around and the days on my 365 counter clock up, I can just begin to see the end of this photography project. I plan to continue taking pictures on a very regular, if not weekly, basis for years to come. However, if there is one day that I look forward to not taking pictures on, it's Monday. Mondays are horribly busy and stressful around here and I look forward to having one less thing to do. I am prone to "mummy meltdowns" on Monday evenings. This usually happends when I feel super stressed by trying to get everything done while the kids are still awake. I start work very early on a Tuesday and I always strive to get to bed early. Despite my very best efforts and the odd mummy meltdown, this seldom happens. Tonight I decided to chill out but now I have a ton on work to catch up on.

A big part of my problem is that this project, and photography in general, is just too much fun. I often start out with the aim of taking a couple of quick shots, but then I get all carried away.

Rexy has just started to get spellings homework. He is doing very well and feels proud of himself. So I thought that I would document that.

In the spirit of chilling out I decided to make a 3 minute microwave sponge cake that I saw on Mumsnet today. See how chilled out I was? Bear is sitting on the table and they are all making a huge mess whilst bickering. It was worth it though because that thing was delicious. We will be doing it again. 

 Then I decided to get a bit arty to capture my feelings of being overwhelmed and that is where I got all carried away. Add the remote control and kids into the mix and total chaos is unleashed.
I was just going to do some fun out of focus blur shots. 

 But then I do so enjoy a bit of slow shutter speed fun. The colours were all very funky but it adds to the crazy feel...I think. 

And Mondays certainly are crazy here.