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Day 236/365: Swimming Expedition

After our day of cabin fever yesterday, we were desperate to get out of the house. Since our holiday last summer, poor Bear is alway asking to go swimming but we never quite find the time to do it. I thought that today we would take a train trip to a neighbouring town to visit their swimming pool. To add to the excitement we took the train. 
I took this photo with my iPhone. How do people achieve good photos with their phones? Mine are always rubbish!

Bear already had a swimming costume from our holiday. She has always been envious of the boys' swimming goggles so today was the day that she got a pair of her own. Can you tell that she is rather pleased with them? I took the big camera with the 50mm today. It is pretty handy to carry around and whip out when the time feels right. 

Are we EVER going swimming mummy???

It was a beautiful spring-ish day today and we enjoyed the blue skies and pretty little flowers that have just made an appearance. 

We will do this again - maybe even …

Days 234-235/365: Rainy Day at Home

I very nearly forgot to take any photos yesterday! I got home late and then got distracted with stuff on the internet and it totally slipped my mind. Luckily I remembered on time and took a few photos of this, that... and the husband. I would have been gutted if I'd missed a day. I don't get to be perfectionistic about much these days, but I couldn't have coped with that blip. I probably would have felt the need to start again at 1/365 - Ouch!

I had the day off work today. It was a rainy day and we didn't get up to much. This is how things looked at 7.30am, just before getting dressed for school. Can I say that I am not a morning person and this sort of crazy is a lot for me to handle. 

 It rained all day. I really wanted to capture the rain drops mid air, but they just weren't visible enough.

I almost managed it here... If you look really hard you can just about see four drop framed by the gate. 

I think that Bear might have suffered from a little cabin fever. 


Days 233-234/365: The Band Plays On.

Yesterday (day 233) was Monday, which is never a good photography day for me. I did however manage to take a couple of doll photos that I was happy with.

I have word perspective on my mind this week because it is the prompt for the 52 project this week. I wasn't aiming for my entry shot today, but I was enjoying playing around with different perspectives. I was aware that a little bit of lens distortion occurs when you shoot at 24mm. I took a few shots at that focal length today and I have to say that I kind of like the distortion. I don't know if I am alone in that. I would really quite like to own a fisheye lens one day. 
I am so excited that it was still light outside at this time. Spring is on her way. I would love to remove that yoghurt pot from the background, but I gather that I need to master photoshop for that kind of editing. 

Back to homework shots...

Just before bath, Bear found the musical instruments bag and treated me to a little session.  

See! I really like th…

Day 232\365: Focal Point Experiment

I have learned a cool new trick; how to take screen shots on my computer. Today I did an experiment to compare the sharpness of images captured using the centre versus one of the outer focal points on my camera. I have pretty much stopped using the outer points because I felt that they just weren't getting the job done. It is a bit of a pain not using them though so I was keen to take a closer look. 
These pictures are SOOC with no editing. I have zoomed in on the eyes for each image to get a better idea of how much sharpness was achieved. I used the Tamron 24-70mm set at 50mm. 
First up we have Rexy in the desirable rule of thirds composition. To achieve this without having to focus and recompose I used the outer focal point. It sat right on top of the eye closest to us and neither of us moved a muscle. The image doesn't look too bad from a distance, but when you zoom in... yikes! It was at a good shutter speed too so there shouldn't be any camera shake or motion blur. I…

Day 231/365: A Perfect Saturday Morning

The boys usually have football training on a Saturday morning but it is half term and we had the joy of slowing down this morning. Everyone was relaxed and content for a change. At one point I noticed that I was happy. We seldom have time to sit and enjoy our space all together, but today when I had that chance I noticed that I felt 100% complete and happy. 
The day started with snow! It didn't snow for very long long and hasn't settled but it was good while it lasted. I love the way our neighbours' houses look in the snow. I had a little play with capturing the snow at different shutter speeds but it stopped before I could get a good feel for the different effects. 

Granny L sent a package with some treats for the kids. I think that this played a large part in the "content in our space" feeling. Happy kids make a happy home and all that. 

The boys are massively into Lego Ninjago at the moment and they had fun reading a magazine and constructing small Lego packs…