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Days 163-170/365: Finding Inspiration at Photo London Exhibition

Somehow I have felt a bit more connected to the 365 this week.  I am enjoying the fact that I have more daylight at my disposal. I have also made the decision to post my favourite photos to Instagram which means that I see them and think about them more. I am aware that I need to make more time for my photography. Of course I spend a lot of time taking, editing and blogging my photos, but I need to spend more time actually thinking about them. Planned photos taken with intention usualy turn out better than those that are just snapped mindlessly. I once read a article that suggested using meditation as a means of improving your photographic eye. I really am struggling to make the time for that, but I know that it is the way forward. 
It is also hugely helpful to study the work of others. My husband and I went to a fantastic photo exhibition this week, Photo London. I always walk away from exhibitions with renewed curiosity about photography and some fresh excitement about my own work.…

Days 157-162/365: I wish I was a writer

I wish that I was a writer! My head is full of thoughts and reflections. It literally never stops whirring and searching for connections and meaning. It is exhausting. Sometimes I feel that I am drowning in them and need to put them out into the world - just to release the pressure a bit. I can talk and talk for hours and luckily my husband and a few close friends are willing to listen to me. It would however be amazing to be able to put my thoughts in writing. I adore this woman and the way she has with words. 
Sarah Kay - Useless Bay

It would be even more amazing if I could create pictures with greater meaning. This woman and her work inspire me. 
Brooke Shaden
However, expressing myself through words and images takes a level of time, planning and intention that I do not currently have. I hope that I will have these things one day soon. Even greater than that though, it takes a kind of bravery and willingness to be vulnerable that I may never have. I fear that until I do have all of …

Days 149-156/365: Losing Momentum

I appear to  have fallen into a pattern of only being able to upload onto this blog at the weekend. This definitely runs the risk of falling behind and then not bothering with it. I really would hope to complete this 365, but I am finding it hard to keep momentum. I mean it was hard the first time but this year it is really hard. I think that there are a few reasons for this.  The novelty of the challenge is goneI am not learning as much so the rewards are lessI do not see the same progress in my photography - I am actually in a bit of a rutI am not currently in a 365 group. The group I was in last year has continued to thrive and they appear to have formed friendships outside of the group. I think that I always struggled to be part of that because they are all based in the US. They went to Clickin Moms events and joined contests together. I have now rejoined Clickin MomsI am in a new 52 project which is not as good as the one I was in before. It is okay, but just not quite as good. I…