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Day 148/365: Leading Lines

I have been meaning to play around with leading lines more in my photography. The concept is beautifully illustrated in this click it up a notch article. Unfortunately, I didn't have much to play with this evening as the light was very poor, it was cold, Rexy wasn't hugely in the mood and my options of leading lines were limited. I will shelve it as an idea to play around with more. That and framing. 
The shutter speed started off shocking low here and the colours were funky. The noise was also very visible to me.  

Then I remembered that we have an outside light above his head. This allowed me to increase the speed to 1/200

He loves chewing on the sleeve of this top.

More camera shake at low shutter speed.

It is school Christmas play season and I have had the joy of using my sewing machine to make Rexy's costume. I love my sewing machine but I am just a little afraid of it. I don't have much skill in the sewing department. I am toying with the idea of doing a 365 sewin…

Day 147/365: The Apple Generation

Another full on day here. Bear is slowing getting better, but she is not quite there yet. Granny L came to visit today which filled the house with fresh excitement. Not least because she arrived with some early Christmas presents. We went to visit the outdoor ice-rink that we have in our town every Christmas. No skating for us yet. We will do that another day. I must remember to take my camera out earlier in the day at the weekend. I am leaving it to the last minute, which means a lot of dark bedtime pictures for this project. 
This photo is a bit of a copy from this inspirational article by Kate T Parker. I loved her image so much that I wanted one of my own. Hers was better but I love the expression on Roo's face here. To me it tells the story of how this generation of children are spellbound by the power of Apple.

I actually got lots of lovely bath time pictures of Bear. I don't like to share bath time pictures of the kids but this one felt safe enough. 

Day 146/365: Cutting and Sticking

Another dreary illness infused day here in the doll house. Bear and I have kept it simple with a bit of gentle cutting and sticking.

Day 145/365: Zombie Mummy

Bear is still ill, not that you can tell from these pictures of her. We have had broken sleep all week and I am quite the zombie mummy at this stage. I have to admit that I barely even checked my numbers tonight. It was a quick "point n'shoot", job done. The editing was a rush job too. There is lots of camera shake and poor focus in these. 
Just don't look too closely okay?

Day 144/365: Julia Donaldson for Bear

Bear is still under the weather, but hopefully we are on the road back to health now. She was in pretty good form this evening and I took the opportunity to take some pictures of her. She is enjoying Julia Donaldson books at the moment. The pictures are so interesting to her and she likes to point out little things that she finds hidden in the background.

I fiddled and fiddled with the white balance in these pictures and I am still unsure about most of them. Hopefully my eye will become trained in time.

Day 143/365: Random Shots In the Dark.

Ugh, the house is full of illness. Poor Bear has the most awful cough and everyone else has stuffy noses and sore throats. It's going to be a rough week!

It was one of those nights where I bring the camera along to story time with the boys and just hope for one half decent picture. It really is like taking random shots in the dark. I am surprised that I am actually quite pleased with a couple of them. I think that I am starting to get the hang of Lightroom, which certainly helps. I am also starting to enjoy black and white a bit more. I feel a bit less clueless about it.

We have another wobbly tooth. 

Hmmm, one for the annual photo album... not!

He is actually pretending to be asleep. 

This one was taken by Roo. They boys are very keen to take control of the camera and have a go. Tonight I showed them back button focus. He didn't do a bad job here. 

Rexy in his lair. 

A splash of colour. 

And my absolute favourite from the evening... It captures their relationship so well. 

Day 142/365: Dramatic Black and White

Everyone in the house is a little bit ill and I didn't have the time or correct frame of mind to do a Bear's favourite things post today. It will try to do one soon.

So, it is out with the light and bright and in with the dark and moody tonight. I have been inspired by this article on dramatic light.

Here is my version.

Day 141/365: Rexy's Favourite Things

Following on from yesterday's post, we were excited to have a look at Rexy's favourite things. We could have filled this whole post with soft toys. He loves them so much that he needed a bit of prompting to remember all of the other things that he enjoys. 

1. First up had to be his beloved cuddly dog.... erm, Rexy! He is so in love with this little guy that he chose to take his name as his on-screen identity. My mother actually bought Rexy for Roo when his little brother came along. It was a little gift so that he wouldn't feel left out by the all the attention his baby brother was getting. As time went by the baby claimed him as his own and they have been inseparable ever since. 

2. Storm - and husky dogs in general. Rexy loves animals a lot and has a particular thing for husky dogs and wolves. 

3. Rexy's football card collection. He has played football for a couple of years now but it was the World Cup this summer that really got him hooked. He enjoyed collecting th…