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Day 268/365: Longer Evenings

The evenings are now noticeably brighter for longer. I am hoping that this will give me lots more opportunities to take well lit bedtime photos. We took a lot of photos in my bedroom at bedtime last Summer and it will be interesting to compare them with more recent ones. These are not my best effort. We simply couldn't muster much energy this evening. 

The Easter holidays have begun.

266-267/365: Bye Bye Baby

News from the house this past weekend is that this little monkey has learned how to climb out of her cot. She gave us a big surprise on Saturday morning when, without any warning, she sauntered into our bedroom bright and early. When asked what she was doing. She simply gave a shy smile with a shrug of the shoulder and said "I just walking".

She spent all of Sunday (Day 266) demonstrating her new skills.

She literally could not be more delighted with herself.

We are planning to hold onto the cot for another couple of weeks because we are planning a little trip away and need her to be happy in a cot. However, I think that it is fair to say that our last baby is a baby no more. She will get the big girl bed after Easter. 
With all the hanging around in Bear's room, I got a couple of shots of the kids near the window light. Even at that the ISO was still 1600. 
I love that smirky grin. 

This one is Roo is a bit distorted because it is shot at 24mm. I do like a bit of distor…

Day 265/365: Freelensing

I am so excited today because there are now only 100 days to go on this 365 project. I cannot believe that the end is just about in sight. Part of me started the day thinking that it might be nice to do something special to mark the occasion, but nothing particularly amazing came to mind. I was keen to get some more shots of Roo. I snapped a couple in the morning and thought that I would just have to keep my expectations for myself low and leave it at that. 

Later in the day I was tinkering around with my lenses and I thought that I just might have a little go at freelensing. Basically this means taking the lens off the camera and shooting with it held freely in front of the camera body. You twist the lens about and hold it nearer or further away from the camera to get different effects. It causes some blurring in parts of the frame and  some light leakage, which overall can lead to quite a dreamy quality. I have seen some amazing pictures done with freelensing. I am delighted that I…

Day 264/365: Friday Night Goofballs

Not much to report as it was a bad day photography wise. I was struggling to focus and I am hoping that it was me and not my new Tamron that was the problem. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Day 263/365: Saatchi Gallery

Another day off for me. This time I wanted to check out the Saatchi Gallery. I have never been before and I fancied something new. It was completely free and reasonably easy for me to get to.

I have to say that the artwork did little for me, but I did enjoy the quite space and the opportunity to experiment with different perspectives. I brought my Tamron 24-70mm and it was perfect for the tight spaces. Even at 24mmm I couldn't get the whole of this huge room in. This by the way is a structure made out of blue plastic bags. It represents our fragility and life being a commodity. The artist has a tendency to use lots of small items to make up larger statement pieces. Like I say, it didn't really do anything for me. I liked the colour of the bags and really wanted to jump into it. That is not allowed!

This room was my favourite because my husband and I tend to like tree pictures. I quite enjoyed the artwork here but mostly I became very interested in the other people in the museu…