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Days 280-288/365: A Week of Bedtimes

I really do have to get out of the habit of taking quick shots at bedtime. The light is dreadful, no one is in the mood and I end up with the same photos over and over again. It is just so hard to fit photography into our weekly routine now and I have zero headspace for creativity. I realised today how much I miss my old 52 project group. There was so much inspiration there. Perhaps I need to find new challenges for myself.

I am learning new editing skills though. I even learned how to record myself as I edit so that I could share my workflow here. Many of the new techniques I am learning are hard for me to remember so I love the idea of being able to watch videos of me doing them to remind me of what steps I need to take. It is also a brilliant record of my learning. Yesterday, I recored myself as I edited last week's photos. I was all set to upload to YouTube only to be told that videos need to be less than 15mins long. Mine was 1 hour 10 mins... Doh! So you have been spared tha…

Days 272-279/365: A Decade of Roo.

Oops, getting behind again. I have frequent thoughts of abandoning this project but I really am determined to finish it. I hate not finishing things as the thought of them plagues me forever.
So, it has been exciting times here as Roo turned 10. TEN! It really is unbelievable but he is loving it and I have to admit that double digits do suit him so well. We have always thought that he would make a good adolescent. We aren't quite there yet... but well on our way.

There were a ton of days before we even get to the birthday...

Day 272 - A cute little something that Bear and I made after school.

Day 273 - Last minute before bed shot.

Day 274 - I wish I had more time to play around with coloured backgrounds like this. The blue here was actually the side of a play tent we have. I would love to go out and buy a few fabrics, but they really aren't cheap enough to warrant it. Maybe I should invest in a couple of versatile ones. 

Day 275 - We went to London to visit some friends. 

Day …

Days 266-272/365: Bear's First Day at School

It has been a big week here in the Doll House. Bear has started school! I cannot quite believe that our baby girl is now officially a school girl. I know it is a cliche but time really does fly doesn't it?

Day 266 - We just love this crazy girl. She is everything we ever dreamed of and more.

It really has been the most amazing summer. I feel that the tone of family life has changed a little over the time that I have been doing these 365s. Everyone is growing up and becoming their own person.

Day 267 - Rexy still loves his cuddly toys, but perhaps a little less than he used to. He is very passionate about reading at the moment.

Day 268 - Our Jasmine cat is a much loved member of the family, but everyone is so aware that she is getting very old now. There is a lot of talk about what pet we will get once she is gone. 

Day 269 - My midlife crisis continues and we managed one last camping trip for the summer before we packed everything away in the loft. We went to a different site this…