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Lost and Found in the Woods

Our summer fun concluded this year with a long weekend at Center Parcs in Elveden Forest. We love Center Parcs so much that the kids find it hard to decide whether they prefer it to Disneyland Paris. If I was ever lucky enough to be presented with such a choice in real life, I would struggle to make a final decision too. In the end it would depend on how burnt out I was feeling. If I needed to find inner peace and relaxation, then Center Parcs would win hands down. 
Forests are always my go-to "happy place" when I need to imagine somewhere I feel content and relaxed. I love the smell of trees and the earthy feel of forests. Lots of other people seem to prefer beach scenes for relaxation, but I'm all about the forests, lakes and mountains. I dream of a holiday in a log cabin in Colorado or a chalet in the Swiss Alps. In the absence of those experiences I will happily take a weekend in Center Parcs. 

It was nice to have the opportunity to get playful and creative with pho…