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End of Year Photo Roundup

Can someone please tell me how we got to December already? I am in the middle of the usual end of year frenzy and just noticed that I haven't even managed to update this blog with our Halloween pictures. I meant to do a big Halloween post but I guess it might have to be a fudged end of year post instead. 
We love Halloween and this year it was particularly brilliant. I'm not sure why given that it was mid-week but everyone in our neighbourhood threw themselves right into it. The kids had strong views over the vision they were going for and I pretty much left them to it. 
I think that they nailed it!

I took my big camera out for the second year in a row. I find this so difficult because it draws a lot of attention and I feel the need to down play what I am doing. Ideally I would be climbing into all sorts of crazy angles, or lying on the ground, but I had to try to content myself with a bit of pointing and shooting... and shooting... and shooting. 
As is often the case I feare…