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Day 221/365: A Peek Inside the Doll Collectors Mind

The kids were in bed by the time I picked up my camera tonight. I didn't want to bother them with photos this evening because they are all ill to some degree. We all are.

I enjoyed the light in my bedroom last night and the custom white balance was all set up for it, so I grabbed the first vaguely interesting object I could find to photograph.

I found this soulful little creature.


I was really quite enjoying playing with her plodding that way and this and then I noticed how soft and cosy the blanket looked underfoot. This made me think that it would be a lovely setting for a doll picture...
Before I knew it I was running about fetching my doll and propping her up in a nice sitting position. This is not always as easy as it sounds. The elephant came in handy here and is propping her forwards. Once I had the doll sitting nicely I figured that she had to be looking at something. Cue more running around trying to find her little foxy friend and some pins to get him to stay standing up. A quick makeshift tripod and I was happily snapping away.