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Days 233-234/365: The Band Plays On.

Yesterday (day 233) was Monday, which is never a good photography day for me. I did however manage to take a couple of doll photos that I was happy with.

I have word perspective on my mind this week because it is the prompt for the 52 project this week. I wasn't aiming for my entry shot today, but I was enjoying playing around with different perspectives. I was aware that a little bit of lens distortion occurs when you shoot at 24mm. I took a few shots at that focal length today and I have to say that I kind of like the distortion. I don't know if I am alone in that. I would really quite like to own a fisheye lens one day. 

I am so excited that it was still light outside at this time. Spring is on her way. I would love to remove that yoghurt pot from the background, but I gather that I need to master photoshop for that kind of editing. 

Back to homework shots...

Just before bath, Bear found the musical instruments bag and treated me to a little session.  

See! I really like the lens distortion here. 

She really did put on a good performance. She is very talented you know. 

And then a magical kaleidoscope show to finish. 

I have quit sharpening for now. It looked good in Lightroom and not too bad here on the blog, but it was super crunchy on Facebook. It is mind boggling.