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Days 99-100/365: Legoland and Cloud Dough

Oh dear, I have reached such a momentous milestone with the project and I forgot to make a fuss of it. 100 days in.. woo hoo! I am amazed by how quickly that went.

We went on our annual family trip to Legoland on Sunday (day 99). Somehow I thought that it would be a fantastic location for photographs, but I was wrong. It was very crowded and the kids were hyper excited and all over the place. I barely even saw the boys as they were running about with their cousins for most of the day. Bear was clingy and wanted to be held a lot of the time and I was preoccupied checking that we still had everyone with us. The 50mm drove me crazy because I couldn't get what I wanted in the frame. It was just too close most of the time.

So it pretty much sucked from a photography point of view, but as always it was a great family day out. I did learn a few things though. In future it would be better to have a variable length zoom lens, take the pressure off by shooting in AV or TV, and be happy with a few snapshots to remember the day by.

Here are some of my snapshots from this year.

Today (Day 100 -woo hoo!), Bear and I did our usual Monday music class. It was raining all day so we did a couple of indoor things this afternoon. First we made some "cloud dough", which is essentially home made Mood Sand. I was pretty excited to find the recipe here. Part of my excitement is that I got to use up lots of baby oil that I had lying around. I love the smell of that stuff. 

I bought some Moon Sand for the boys quite a few years ago and swore that I would never bring the evil substance into the house again. Don't get me wrong, it is hugely enjoyable to play with but the mess it makes is unbearable. The final straw was when I found one of the boys naked and sitting in the same tray that Bear is using here. Well, it does have a very pleasing texture and I can understand why he was curious to explore it further....

Anyway, I felt brave enough to try again... this time with the vacuum cleaner at the ready. It went pretty well actually and Bear managed to keep most of it in the tray.

Most of it...

As we had the cheap flour out we also made some stress balls. One has already exploded on us. 

Oh I forgot to show you these "calm down" jars that we made a couple of weeks ago. The tutorial on how to make them is here. Rexy and Bear particularly enjoyed them, although they squabbled a lot over them which wasn't very calming at all. Unfortunately ours leak a bit. I need to explore other plastic jar options.