Days 95-96: Coming Up For Air

Thank Crunchie it's Thursday and my working week is done, done, done. It is so great to be home and I will be spoiling myself to a large drink after I have finished this post.

I got home very late yesterday. My lovely husband stepped up to the plate for the daily photo. I love this guy.

I felt it was only fair to put some photos of me up too. I took these this evening.  I really wasn't up to the whole tripod set up so I went for some lazy mirror shots. 

Serious me...

Posing me...

Arty me... 

Roo was very proud of this "number art" he did today. It was pretty cool. 

My family really do make me smile a lot. I am looking forward to our weekend together. 

Yes, they are using straws as scuba kit...


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