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Day 107/365: One Step Forward.... Three Steps Back

Bear wasn't all that interested in her lunch today and her meal became a play area for some Playmobil. As she was sitting reasonably still I fetched my camera and settled into a little photo shoot. I was initially excited about the bursts of light that kept dipping in and out of the window behind her, but then I was reminded that this sort of light is one of my biggest problem areas. I was dialling all over the place but I just couldn't get good pictures. I was seriously struggling to get good focus, exposure and white balance - three of the most essential elements in a good picture. Oh, and she got very excited with her game and was moving pretty quickly, so the composition was often off too.  

Here are some photos from the cutting room floor. They are SOOC. I used the grey card for white balance but the results weren't looking good. I played around with some AWB, Daylight and Tungsten as well. Did I mention that I was a dialling all over the place!

f/2; 1/160; ISO 800

f/2; 1/400; ISO 200

f/2; 1/40; ISO 200

f/2; 1/250; ISO 200

f/2; 1/30; ISO 200

Here a a few of the slightly better ones which have been touched up with a wee bit of editing.

f/2; 1/500; ISO 200

f/2; 1/640; ISO 200

f/2; 1/60; ISO 200

f/2; 1/1000; ISO 200

To cheer myself up I took some photos of my new Zombie Rapunzel. I have wanted her for ages and couldn't resist when I found her at a good price. Bear had all of her dolls added into the scene too, but  they were out of frame. She will be wanting her own camera soon. That would be so lovely. 

f/2.5; 1/125; ISO 1600