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Day 114/365: Exposure Examined

Yet again I found myself becoming frustrated with outdoor exposure today. I stuck with spot metering and tried to meter off skin. I found this pretty tricky because the kids were moving so much and some times they were pretty far away. That left me trying to hold the centre focus point on little far away faces whilst also glancing down at the meter. I need to learn another colour to meter off, but I am not that familiar with the zone system yet. The meter doesn't stay "awake" long enough which means that it keeps disappearing before I am happy with my settings. So then I have to start all over again. Add in some variable light and the fact that I really cannot take my eye off Bear for a second before she runs off towards some danger, and you can see how frustrating it gets!

I am throwing up some SOOC shots in the hope that I can figure out what went wrong with some of them. (I will add the captions tomorrow)

The face has lots of different light on it. Do I meter off the lighter or darker parts?

I metered off Roo's tiny face before he jumped. It looked good on the meter and now it is completely overblown. 

Photo bomb!

Rexy was travelling towards me in this dappled light. Where should I meter off in cases like this?

So many questions, so little time to hunt down the answers! The truth is that I am still not all that confident about where you draw the line between under and overexposed. I guess that some of these photos are possibly more a problem of tricky lighting than exposure? I read a lot of references to observing the light and choosing where to place your subject. At the moment I follow the kids and take whatever light I am given. I know that I have said it before, but I need to open my eyes more.