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Day 110/365: Playing With Light Again and Scuffed Knees.

The kids have broken up for half term and we are all very excited about getting stuck into our Halloween fun and games. 

I have been thinking more and more about the role of light in my photos and have made a promise to myself to notice light everywhere. I read a wonderful Clickin Moms tutorial today and the author said that she became very observant of light in other people's pictures and even movies. My eye needs training because I am struggling to notice much interesting light at all. There is an online course on this topic alone. I will take it one day. 

Here is Bear with some overhead light. I like the picture, but I wonder how it could have been better with different lighting. Some light reflecting back onto her face would have been good. 

f/3.2; 1/50; ISO 3200

Here we have Rexy with some pretty intense side lighting.. or does it qualify as back lighting? I would never have dreamt of taking a shot like this before but I find the light effect very interesting. I guess that it would be better if the light wasn't actually in the picture as it draws attention away from Rexy. 

f/3.2; 1/160; ISO 400

f/3.2; 1/320; ISO 800

The last photo of the evening is not light related but just look at the state of Roo's knees! The boys wear these scuffs with pride and talk about how they might leave scars... in a hopeful sort of way. 

f/3.2; 1/100; ISO 3200
Let the Halloween fun begin!