Day 93: Blues Brothers... and Sister

From a photography point of view, today was mostly about the dolls. I had an hour alone time as Bear took her name and I squandered used it on these two photos.

I was pretty much going to leave it at that with maybe one final bedtime snap to finish off the day. But then the kids found their 3-D cinema glasses and posed for some photos, sort of. 

f/3.5; 1/80; ISO 3200

f/3.5; 1/80; ISO 3200

f/3.5; 1/80; ISO 3200

The bedtime photos were taken with the kit lens at 18mm because I didn't have enough room for the 50mm. I have to say that I quite enjoy shooting at such a wide angle. My doll friend Laura and I got chatting to a guy at Blythecon UK who had the Canon 24-70mm. It was pretty impressive and he spoke highly of it. I so want the Tamron 24-70mm one day. The grain is high in these photos because I had to take the ISO all the way up to 3200. I couldn't take my shutter speed any higher than 1/80, which is the slowest I have shot in a while. Needless to say there was a lot of blur. I am happy enough with the final selection, give the circumstances. 


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