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Day 91: Blythecon UK 2014

I went to a doll convention today. If you had told me 18 months ago that I would be going to a doll convention then I would have thought that you had me mixed up with someone else. But a whole lot changes in 18 months...

(This post is not everyone's cup of tea - I get that.)

Blythe is one of the main dolls that I collect. I won't go into the history of Blythe here because not many people are that interested. I am aware that most people think that Blythe dolls are pretty creepy looking. I can see why... but I mostly think that they are super cute. One of the cutest things about Blythe is that people take the time to hand make the most amazing tiny clothes for her. I am completely blown away by the creativity and skill these people have. The convention gave me an opportunity to meet some of these people and see hundreds of Blythe dolls in one place. There is a pretty big online community of people who collect, customise and photograph Blythe dolls. I have been part of that community for just over a year. 

I really did have the most fantastic day! I have four Blythe dolls and I brought them all along. This is Deikun. She is a customised Blythe doll. Her hair is re-rooted with alpaca, which is a popular hair choice for customisers. 

I was very excited to meet some of the people that I have known and chatted with online for a while. I was especially excited to meet Laura who came with a whole basket o'dolls. She damn near killed me.. and many others... with the cuteness of that thing. 

This darked hair doll is called Mouse. She is an original Kenner Blythe from the 70s. 

This is Swan. She is like a celebrity in the doll world. 

The one on the left here is Chloe. She really wants to come live with me. I'll have to see what I can do to help her out...

Then there were some stalls with cute displays and lots of great stuff for sale. I loved the fact that there was some light to play with. 

And then there was a workshop on how to restore the original 1970s Kenner dolls. 

I seriously had a fantastic time. 

And I managed to get stuck into my new knitting project on the train journey there and back. It is going to be a Harry Potter scarf for my husband.