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Day 106/365: Bear Dances with .... Penguins.

Today was a crazy, swamped by chaos, try to stay on top and get things done sort of day. It was not the sort of day to pick up the camera. I managed these two of Roo before bedtime. It's a shame that his eyes are out of focus in the first one.

f/3.5; 1/80; ISO 3200

f/3.5; 1/80; ISO 3200

I realise now that I didn't even look at the settings on the camera. I was too tired so I just checked the meter and did a point and shoot move. 

I had planned to take a couple more photos after they went to bed but then I started messing about with the Pixlr online photo editing page. Things got pretty fun and craaaaaaaaaazy.... 

Of course this photo is totally bonkers and not particularly well done, but you have to admit that it does have lots of fun potential. The kids will love it. I understand from an online tutorial that Photoshop does a much better job of this sort of thing. Another reason to get Photoshop if you ask me.