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Day 108/365: Tricks of the Kid Photography Trade

I have read a number of articles on how to get the most natural photos of kids. I have also seen a few mummy photographers admit that they sometimes get frustrated with their kids for not doing what they are being instructed to do. I can relate to that! The hunt for that "perfect" picture can make me a little loopy sometimes and it is easy to loose sight of what I am trying to achieve - photographs of my happy kids enjoying life. 

Rexy is very enthusiastic about having his photo taken and I often get frustrated with his jumping about and crazy poses, most of which are fighting ones. 

"Don't move about so much. The picture will be blurry".

"That's lovely, now close your mouth and cuddle Yodel nicely.. and turn Yodel's head towards me"

"Ok, now your head is in a shadow, just turn your head in THAT direction"

Naturally, he gets fed up pretty quickly and I run into a series of pictures like this... Oh dear, Mummy Failed!

I am getting better at chilling out and letting the kids do their thing. I am slowly building a selection of fun games to help us to have fun with photography and to capture some natural smiles and laughter. 

Tonight we came up with a game called - Balance the sheep on your head while your brother tries to knock it off with various missiles. Of course they loved it. 

The night ended in fits of giggles and a few half decent pictures. Result! Now I need to invent some new games that don't result in photos with sheep on their heads.