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Day 115/365: Metering Modes

I have been reading a bit about exposure and metering today. I would love nothing more that to spend some time outside playing around with the metering settings on my camera. I gathered from my reading that shooting in the afternoon sun or dappled light, like I did yesterday, is an absolute nightmare even for experienced photographers and is best avoided. I read some lovely tips but now I can't find the articles on Clickin Moms. There are literally thousands of tutorials on there! I also noted that people seem to have different preferences for which metering mode they shoot in. Some vary depending on the situation and some always shoot in spot. 

This article compares the different modes and I wanted to do a little experiment for myself. Tonight's willing subject is Daisy, Bear's beloved bedtime friend. Daisy got comfortable, and sat still, while I took these three photos. The light, aperture and ISO remained constant. I altered the shutter speed to get the meter on 0. These are all SOOC. 

First up, we have evaluative.

f/3.2; 1/160; ISO 1600


f/3.2; 1/100; ISO 1600


f/3.2; 1/200; ISO 1600
In my opinion, Partial did the best job here. The trouble with Spot Metering is that I am not sure where it is best to meter off. In this case I metered off the lightest part of Daisy's face. Perhaps better result could have been achieved if I had chosen somewhere else. That is a mini experiment in its own right.