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Day 111/365: Spooky Biscuits and Decopatch

It was a full on day of Halloween activities and I am now totally exhausted. It is Friday night and a relaxing dinner with DVD awaits.

We made spooky Halloween biscuits while Bear was napping. Even with Bear tucked away, I was sort of expecting to have to take the lead on this. I sometimes underestimate how mature and capable the boys are these days. I was aiming for a simple set of skeleton ginger bread men and perhaps a few bats. The boys blew me away with three headed monsters, zombies, pumpkins and a giant spider. I just sat back with a cup of tea (and camera of course) and enjoyed seeing how creative they have become. 

Don't worry, Bear didn't miss out on the yummy part. 

I was also very excited to try out some Decopatch. I just loved these skulls when I spotted them in Hobbycraft a few weeks ago. Essentially you just glue lots of little scraps of patterned paper onto a moulded shape of some sort. The directions showed how you can cover a whole chair, if you feel inclined to. We are considering doing a massive Christmas tree next... Kidding. Sort of. 

Decopatch is what psychologists call a "flow activity". You loose track of time and switch off from your worries while you become fixated on the task at hand. Knitting, drawing, painting, playing music, climbing, and running are also flow activities. You get the idea. At the end you have something to show for your efforts and feel good about yourself. Research has shown that such activities make you happy and boost confidence. It certainly was relaxing and as Rexy quite rightly said "it's very hard to stop". 

I have been gaining confidence using the toggle points with back button focus. I think that on the whole I am getting more in focus pictures these days.