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Day 84: The National Trust

We are National Trust members. I used to joke that parents of boys should be given free National Trust membership upon the birth of their first son. Now that Bear is here I can see that places like the National Trust are just gold for any family with small children. Basically, as far as I can see, two groups of people have National Trust membership - families with young children and elderly couples. The families push over-burdened buggies and walk around with collections of sticks, pine cones and big leaves. The elderly couples come prepared with their own pull out chairs and flasks of tea. I imagine that I will have had my fill of the National Trust by the time we are elderly. I like to think that we will be spending our weekends somewhere new and exciting, like Marrakesh. 

(This post has a huge amount of photos! No captions tonight)

Before we headed off to the National Trust, the boys had football training and Bear got stuck into a bit of play dough. 

We had our picnic (or "pic-mic" as Bear calls it) as soon as we arrived and I went for a family shot. In fact I took about thirty pictures. These two are the best. Oh brother, we are a crazy crew. At least these pictures capture us as we are! (Two years from now I WILL love these pictures!)

Then we ran lunch off...

We love this tree. It is the best tree in the world!

Bear was too little to climb today. She had a happy time collecting pine cones and making "ice-cream". 

Once we tore ourselves away from the tree/slide, we checked out the rest of the grounds... 

... and then we headed off home.

Oh go on then, one more tree climb.