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Days 55-58: Our mini holiday to Ireland

I am playing catch up tonight after my mini holiday to Ireland with Roo. We had an amazing time and it was so good to catch up with family and friends. It felt like a real adventure, especially as Roo cannot remember being on a plane before. I managed to take a few not so brilliant photos during my trip. Same old challenges in a different setting I'm afraid. Looking back at these photos I am struck by how low my shutter speed is. I just cannot force myself to raise that ISO any more. 

We took an early morning flight on day 55. My mother met us at Dublin airport and we spent the afternoon in the city. I had heard about a place that does a nice afternoon tea and I persuaded the other two to come along. It was delicious and such a nice relaxing atmosphere. 

f/2.8;1/50; ISO 400

f/2.8;1/50; ISO 400

After a lot of walking and enjoying the sights in Dublin, we took a train further south to the town I grew up in. 

We met up with some old friends in the morning and my Dad in the afternoon of day 56. I showed my Dad this blog. He was excited but commented that my photos are "too dark". That has given me food for thought. I think that I like darker pictures but I also really struggle to get enough light in to my photos. I am not sure which is leading my "style" more. 

Roo was looking pretty worn out by lunch time. 

f/2.8;1/60; ISO 400

But then THIS perked him up. He loved THIS!!

f/3.5;1/50; ISO 1600

Day 57 was our final day and we took some train station photos. This photo drove me bonkers!! I really wanted to get the train station in the background because it is a lovely old building with lots of memories for me. Roo was doing a fantastic job of being an interesting subject but it was impossible for me to get the exposure right. This one has been played around with a lot and is still terrible. 

f/7.1;1/500; ISO 400

f/5.6;1/125; ISO 200

I am trying to get more photos of me with the kids so I took up my mother's offer to take a few photos. 

At the airport, waiting for our flight. 

f/2.8;1/80; ISO 200

Today, day 58, was a busy day of clearing up and getting ready for school later this week. I didn't bother much with the camera until bedtime and then all the light was gone! So I decided that now was the time to play around with artificial light. 

I'm feeling excited about this new approach.The light I used was pretty strong.  

f/2.8;1/50; ISO 800

Clearly it brought out Roo's dramatic side. 

f/2.8;1/50; ISO 800

I am thinking that it might be a good time to start exploring black and white. 

Fun, fun, fun!!