Day 82: It's All About the Light.

I had this Click It Up A Notch article in mind when I was taking Bear's picture tonight. I took the pictures in colour but I knew that they were destined for black and white. The light was just about as bad as it could possibly be. The aperture was wide open and I couldn't get the SS up any higher than 1/100 but I think that I got away with it by using a few of the tricks I have learned so far - back button focus, continous shooting using Al Servo and experimenting with different focal points. I also made sure to stabilise myself by keeping both elbows on the floor while shooting - and not breathing!
The first pointer in the article is that good black and white photography "is all about the light". Directional light and shaddows give a more interesting picture. The light source can be anything from a window to an open fridge door. I used the torch on my iPhone! 

f/1.8; 1/100; ISO 3200

f/1.8; 1/100; ISO 3200

f/1.8; 1/100; ISO 3200

 I had to fiddle about a bit in editing to get the contrast I wanted. I use free online editors at the moment because I find them easier - and free obviously! I usually use Picmonkey for my blog photos but it just wasn't getting me where I wanted to be. I got a better result when I scooted over to Pixlr Express. Pointer 3 in the article is all about editing. The author uses Lightroom 4, which I will get at some point.



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