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Day 78: If Life Gives You Lemons....

I've been feeling pretty fed up this weekend. Perhaps it's because of the horrid tummy bug that invaded our house. Anyway, it feels like I have had to dig extra deep for the positive angle on things and sometimes I have not been able to find it. Roo was also full of grumbles this morning, especially at the swimming pool where he was having his swimming lesson. On the drive home from the pool I started telling the boys about the work that I do as a psychologist and how we can choose to look at life through a happy lens or a sad lens. They got really into it and together we hatched an idea to use magnifying glasses and decorate them with happy or sad faces. The boys named them Sad Sid and Happy Harry. We are going to have to make them and bring them to life. 

Sad Sid and Happy Harry obviously had the desired impact. When I came home from the gym later today with complaints that I had a bad workout and felt generally grumpy, Roo asked if I remembered Sad Sid. In fact I had thought of our earlier conversation and certainly was trying to look on the bright side of life. (The little bit I managed certainly had helped). It's hard some days though... right? Roo also happened to be making lemonade when I got home, which presented the perfect opportunity to talk about the saying If life gives you lemons, then make lemonade. 

f/2; 1/320; ISO 800

Rexy missed out on the second instalment of the lecture of the day because he was busily playing with his Lego. I like the perspective here, but I am never quite sure where it is acceptable to cut off. I am thinking that the neck is a no no! It is a shame that both these photos are a little blown out. 

f/2; 1/400; ISO 800

Rexy created this fierce little fella. He was keen for me to take a picture. I couldn't love him more! I am also loving the new and improved Instagram by the way. In Instagram world poor white balance is a creative plus. Easy peasy... lemon squeezy. Look - more happy lemon talk!

As almost everyone was busy, I ceased the opportunity to take a doll picture that has been on my mind for a while. 

f/2; 1/320; ISO 200

I used to take pictures when Bear was asleep, but those times are becoming shorter and sometimes it doesn't happen at all. Today she was my little helper. It went OK. 

f/2; 1/400; ISO 200

f/2; 1/400; ISO 200

Last night, I watched a lovely documentary about a man who takes photos of dolls as a way of processing a traumatic attack which resulted in serious brain injury. I love that my brother sent it to me because he knew that I would love it. He knew that it was up my street because "it has dolls, photography and psychology". It is called Marwencol. It's a little sad but also really cool! I loved his photography.