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Day 63: A Different Perspective

We had some visitors today so there was not much time for photos. The visitors came armed with cool presents like this HUGE bubble maker.

f/4; 1/250; ISO 400

You may already have some idea that we are rather fond of bubbles around here. The bubble "recipe" that the kit comes with is fantastic. This thing has massive potential for great pictures... but I didn't get any. I will try again another time, perhaps in a park. You need lots of space for this activity. I am thinking that a 85mm and black and white shots would be amazing.

Bear got a colouring book that kept her busy for a while. She doesn't really get the point of colouring yet and so she coloured everything brown. I love her look of concentration as she does it though. I often try to shoot scenes from multiple angles. It was a piece of advice that I read on Click it Up a Notch but I have been doing it for ages with my doll photographs. Sometimes a subtle change of angle produces a picture that just clicks and feels right. I can't decide which of these I prefer. I am however very pleased with the results I am getting from the high shutter speeds even though it means maxing out on the ISOs. 

f/2.8; 1/320; ISO 3200

f/2.8; 1/320; ISO 3200

f/2.8; 1/250; ISO 3200
I am having a lot of trouble with white balance now that the light is changing towards the end of the day. I am a bit lazy about dragging out my grey card and I yearn for one of those white balance disc things . I watched a fascinating video tutorial on exposure by Courtney Slazinik (Click it Up a Notch) the other day. She used Lightroom to edit a photo and was demonstrating a brilliant tool to adjust the colour using the pupil and white of the eye as a guide. Of course learning how to use Lightroom would require a whole other 365 days.