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Day 81: Explorations in Shutter Speed.

Everyone was well today so I was able to return to my Wednesday's in London projects. Today I was excited to play around with shutter speed. As you know I have accepted the fact that I need to stay above 1/200 to avoid blur in my photographs of my jumpy kids. It was nice to be able to delve lower than that today and really slow things down. I didn't have a tripod but luckily I was able to place my camera on a wall. I also used the 2 sec timer to make sure that no camera shake was involved.

I thought that photos of running water would give the most interesting effects. I found myself a cosy spot in Trafalgar Square and got busy with the shutter speed. Here is what I got - from fastest to slowest.

Notice how the ISO drops with each picture to compensate for the slower shutter speeds.

f/5.6; 1/800; ISO 3200

f/5.6; 1/400; ISO 1600

f/5.6; 1/250; ISO 800

f/5.6; 1/125; ISO 400

f/5.6; 1/40; ISO 100

f/5.6; 1/30; ISO 100

f/5.6; 1/25; ISO 100

Then a big jump down to 1.3 sec. ISO is rock bottom so aperture has to adjust. I'm not sure why the big jump down. Honestly, I think it is because it is such unknown territory for me that I panicked a bit.

I was so focused on the fountain that I didn't even notice how the traffic and people were being captured in a really cool blurry way. Maybe blur is not so bad after all! I was also surprised by how glass like the pool became. The ripples gradually disappeared.

f/36; 1.3 sec; ISO 100

f/36; 1.6 sec; ISO 100