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Day 69: Family Rituals - Pizza Night

We have a number of family rituals around here. We make a big deal of occasions like Christmas and Halloween. Before we had children, my husband and I used to sit down at the weekend and plan a different meal for every night of the week. We love food and we used to eat a wide variety of meals. 

Note that I said we USED to eat a wide variety of meals. These days we need to keep things very simple. We never have the time to sit down and plan meals together and the kids only eat things that they are very familiar with. We have found that it helps to have set meal nights. Friday is home made pizza night. 

f/2.5; 1/200; ISO 800

f/1.8; 1/400; ISO 100

I mentioned before that I am also trying to get into the habit of baking something on Fridays to celebrate the start of the weekend. Today I tried my hand at the Hummingbird Bakery Black Bottom cupcakes. I love the version that can be bought in the store so I was keen to recreate them at home. I found this recipe very odd and somewhat tricky. A quick search online revealed that of other people have had problems too. I tweaked a couple of things and the end result was pretty tasty. It is not quite as good as the store version, but certainly enjoyable. The kids loved them. 

f/2.5; 1/160; ISO 400

f/2.5; 1/200; ISO 400

f/2.5; 1/160; ISO 400

f/1.8; 1/640; ISO 100

I wanted to make something special for this weekend because we have a major family ritual - a birthday! It is Roo's 8th birthday on Sunday. Needless to say the house is filled with excitement.