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Day 71: Roo's Eighth Birthday

Oh we do love a birthday around here! We tend to go a bit overboard with bunting and balloons and make a week long party out of it. Today it was Roo's day. 

But before I get to today, let me tell you about last night. My husband and I spent hours putting mini hand made tiles on Roo's Minecraft cake. Yesterday I read an article entitled 5 Signs You're Trying Too Hard to Be a Perfect Mom. Without a shadow of doubt making this cake would fit into one of those signs. We did enjoy making it though.

Excitement led to an early start and one by one all of the kids joined us in our bed. Even though our boy is eight, all five of us can still fit in the bed.... just about. I am so excited about being able to take family pictures now. There are so few pictures of all of us together. This may be the only one in existence with all of us looking at the camera. I put it in black and white because there were some crazy clashing colours going on here. 

On the present front, there was a  lot of Lego today. Roo was overjoyed and very busy building it all.

Rexy and Bear enjoyed the new stuff too. 

They all loved this pin thing my brother sent. I always wanted one when I was a kid. They are so much fun! 

Roo had a bowling party with a few of his friends in the afternoon. (Terrible lighting).

The cake was a HUGE success. Phew!

Happy birthday Roo. xx

I have left off the captions tonight because I need to go chill out now. I took millions of pictures today and I was sort of dreading having a look on the computer this evening. I just hate it when I see that most of the pictures are in fact out of focus. It is so disappointing. But I was surprised to find that most of them were actually okay. I would have to say that more were in focus this year than last year. I just might be getting better at this. I can certainly feel myself thinking more with every picture I take.

Many of the photos were taken in very bad lighting, especially at the bowling party, and the ISO was up to 3200 most of the time. I have come to accept that the shutter speed needs to stay above 1/200, so that usually leaves me with an aperture of f/2 or so. The white balance was pretty tragic in some cases, but at least I recognise that now and can make some attempt to fix it in editing. The grey card is very hit and miss.