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Days 321-326/365: Fragile

Whoa! I've fallen way behind. I had a major work related project to complete this week and had no time for editing or blogging. It feels so good to be back to usual tonight. I have decided that editing photos with a glass of something is now one of my favourite things to do.  Lets recap on my week of photos.

Day 321 - I spent the morning reading my Tony and Chelsea Northrup book which, can I say again, is amazing! I am working my way through the chapter on portraits. It is taking me forever because it is so detailed. I was very interested in their discussion about poses and positioning.

According to them, a square shouldered pose like this is more masculine than...

...a turned away pose like this. 

They also have lots to say about head tilts and positioning of the hands. I need to revisit that because it was very informative. It makes me think of the wonderful Strong is the new pretty project by Kate Parker, which I love with all of my heart. We don't have many shy and demure girls or women around here. No siree!

Day 322 - This was a tough and emotional day for us. Sometimes life with three kids is exhausting and frazzling. 

Day 323 - Bank Holiday Monday and we went to the beach. We chose Whitstable on this occasion and I went with the Lensbaby. The big challenge with this lens is the manual focus. It is so frustrating to miss a good shot, but that is part of the whole experience I guess. To give myself a better chance I opted for the f/8 disc this time. 

Missed focus on this one. Grrr!

I am finding myself wanting to convert to black and white more often these days. Perhaps it is because it feels safer but I also love what it does to the boys freckles. 

Another tooth on it's way out. He is avoiding wobbling it because it feels funny and he likes his teeth to fall out at school. I think that it because he gets the knitted elf and you know how Rexy is about soft toys. 

Day 324 - This was a late one with some pretty shabby last minute shots. I used the 50mm because I was missing that f/1.8 bokeh. This first Yummy Mummy shot was so hopeless that I just went for a Lightroom Preset and left it at that. Those presets have their uses for sure.

This is a new doll that I picked up in Whitstable. I have started my Christmas decoration planning already!

Day 325 - An even later night and even worse shots. This was taken at about 23.50. That's the closest I have come to missing a day!

Day 326 - The theme for this weeks 52 project is Fragile. As always, I struggled for a few days but on my way home from work today I spotted this beautiful vase. This is my favourite colour right now and I have a real thing for glass as art. I was delighted to snap it up. 

I am so excited that it is the weekend for me now and that my big work related project is done. I am looking forward to returning my focus to photography again.