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Day 301/365: Composition Training.

We spent most of the afternoon at one of the large out of town shopping centres near us. This was in sharp contrast to our close to nature experience yesterday. I had lots to lug around, including Bear, so I opted for the 50mm. It is easy for me to forget that really nice portraits can be achieved with this nifty little lens.

Let's take a moment to think about composition. These shots were taken quickly and without much thought. It is useful to look back and notice the things that I should have been thinking about at the time.

The people on the left of this photo are distracting. I have darkened them a little but they still draw the eye.

Ideally Rexy would be placed on the other side of this frame, looking into the negative space. I think that you can flip it about in Photoshop. 

I'm not sure what that yellow thing to the right of Roo is, but it is distracting. It draws the eye because it is so bright. 

Needs to look into the negative space, not out of the frame. 

Centred composition... no no! Blown light behind Roo also draws the eye. 

 I wish that I had asked Rexy to stand nearer the rail and taken the picture alongside it. Leading lines opportunity lost. The sun overhead cast that horrible shadow on is face too.

Despite some pretty shabby compositions, the 50mm was nice to use again. I must use it more often.