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Days 310-311: Home Sweet Home

This week's theme for the 52 Project is Home Sweet Home. It feels fitting for me this week as I am spending two days away from home because of a work trip... and I am not happy about it. Right now the concept of home couldn't be sweeter. I really dislike going away without my family. 

The pictures from day 310 consist of bath/shower time shots.

I have swapped my working days around this week to accommodate the work trip. This means that I was home today so I thought that I might get something sorted for the 52. Luckily I had these letters lying around and Bear was happy to have a little play with them. 

I cracked the Lensbaby out for this one and I am excited by the way it has turned out. 

Now I am struggling to decide which one to submit. 

Of course I will bring the camera along for the overnight trip but I will be limiting myself to one small lens. That means that it is a choice between the 50mm and the Lensbaby. As my shots will probably be taken from a hotel room I am thinking that the Lensbaby might be more interesting. I am clearly not very decisive today. 

Roll on Friday...


  1. I love the last Lensbaby photo, great photo.


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