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Day 317-319/365: Peaceful

The projects have been a big struggle this week. I have been focusing on other aspects of my life, such as work, and little time or energy has been left for photography. In times like this it is easy for me to grab a doll to photograph. 

Day 317. This is my newest addition - a Tonner Sindy. I am a little bit in love with her. Editing wise, I just clicked on one of my new presets. Job done!

Day 318 was another quick shoot and preset night. I am getting rather lazy now. 

Day 319. I wanted to make a bit more effort tonight because I was keen to get the photo for the Project 52 done. The theme this week is Peaceful. I groaned when it was announced. Peaceful is not easy to achieve, yet alone photograph, around here. I returned to a previous idea of me staying still on the bed while the children use lots of movement. There are a lot of problems with this photo, but I am going with it.