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Days 308-309/365: Bexhill on a Whim

It was a glorious almost summer's day yesterday (day 308) and we decided to head off to one of our favourite beach towns on a whim. There is something about Bexhill-On-Sea that fills us with happiness. It is a magical little place. It was actually pretty late in the afternoon by the time we set off and early evening by the time we got there. It is amazing that we are able to do things like that now that the kids are a little older. I love having a bit more flexibility in our lives again. It has taken a long time to get here. 

I took the 100mm lens along because I figured that it would be the best for the job. I love this lens... I can't help wondering what I could get with a better camera body though. Hmmm.

It was back to black and white tonight (day 309), but the natural light streaming in the windows at bedtime makes it all ok.